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the designer in choosing the most suitable product even when the belt needs complex precision machining. In fact, due to the latest generation of specific equipment and most modern technologies such as water jet, Elatech may propose specific added value solution for any application.

We manufacture Spiked Lattice using cutting edge method which suits your blow room machines like LMW, RIETER, TRUMAC, CROSROL and other OEM machineries. Our firm also supplies Spike Lattices to reputed textile mills and other international machine manufacturers. In general, 4 types of raw material are used specifically by us to produce this Spike Lattices. Our Spikes are manufactured particularly from Lamination wood which gives a long life and increases your productivity, speed and quality.

We manufacture Hollow Belt
● High flexibility
● User can join belts quickly and reliably with a connector
● Great to oils, fuels and oxygen
● Good weather ability and high impact resistance
● Excellent abrasion resistance
● Low compression set
● Excellent belt for light duty conveying and transfer

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